1. Holzchopf

    holzchopf.cubicbezierease - Cubic Bézier Easing made easy

    (Continuation from thread Cubic Bézier Easing) The function CubicBezierEase() is now available in this module. The advantage of this is it comes with a doc. And there's a little twist to the doc: It contains an embedded "link" to that allows to test...
  2. Holzchopf

    Cubic Bézier Easing

    I stumbled across this article and thought it might come in handy to have a cubic-bezier function. And here it is: ' Cubic Bézier interpolation for easing curves ' pA ... pD are Bézier curve points ' pX the value for which the corresponding curve Y value shall be found ' pPrecision defines up...
  3. wick

    Mojo2 GIF loader

    Heya, I went and ported the GIF loader (originally by CopperCircle) to mojo2: I haven't tested it extensively, so can't guarantee it's gonna work in all cases. (mojo 1 version:
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